Feb 102007

Obligatory introductory message:
I’m getting ready to give up my cushy interesting position in a growing, solid company to do a complete career change. I’m going to *gasp* leave San Francisco and move to Europe for a year or more.
I’ve been reading blogs of several people who are currently in MBA programs that I’m going to apply to.  They’ve been useful, and I figured that this might be an interesting exercise in journal-writing and perhaps the equivalent of a weekly-ish mass Christmas card to my friends all over the world once I’m living where none of them really do.

Hence, this blog.

Where am I now? I worked for six years as a designer and founded a nonprofit arts production company that, well, imploded, from which I learned a lot. I moved from New Orleans to San Francisco in 1998, and got a job in IT. I’ve been doing that for, um, nine years now and I’m ready for a change. I’ve spent the last few years thinking about this and preparing and have finally finished my undergraduate degree and am going to business school. And, out of hubris or confidence, I’ve applied to:

Oxford University, Said Business School


RSM Erasmus

and Trinity College, Dublin

People who know me have been being put off by me since around Christmastime. I’ve been in hiding for the most part, but have done really well on the GMAT (750, 98th %ile, 6.0 on the AWA, which is the top score you can get) and have done essays for these five schools, everything from two hundred words to sum up who I am and what I’ve done for the last sixteen years to two thousand words on the greatest recent world event that has influenced my thinking and why. I may post these at some point if there’s interest. And if I get into the schools.
It’s been difficult, to say the least. Perhaps someone will find this useful via google when they’re doing their own school search.

I met with representatives from INSEAD, RSM Erasmus, and Oxford the other day, which left me feeling really quite good about, not only my chances and my goals and story, but about the schools and programs themselves. I’m honestly not sure which program I really hope to get into (though the front runner at the moment seems to be Oxford due to the Skoll Centre for social entrepreneurship) and all of the schools have their own advantages, socially, politically, as well as educationally; they are all quite good for the direction that I want my career to take.

And now I’m going to go back to going through practically everything I own and deciding what to do with it all: What I want to give, sell, loan, or store and where. Whee.

See you on the flip side. Probably not until anything happens: I suspect that I’ll be hearing in several weeks at least as to interview decisions.

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  1. Glen , Trinity is my old alma mater . I think Mick murphy did his MBA there . I would definately look into UCD, campus is not nearly as cool but I remember their business school being very highly regarded. Unfortunaty The Trinity Name carriesmore weight if you travel . I can put you in touch with peeps who have a good lie of the land there in terms of MBA programs , pro’s and cons

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