Mar 252007


It’s been mad the last few weeks, and I kept putting off updating this thing (I’m a good writer, but apparently a terrible blogger).


So. I bombed the ESADE interview. Part of it was the phone format. The woman was very smart and there was no language barrier at all, but I completely choked a couple of times and when it was over—after 90 minutes—I felt like my brain was liquid running out of my ears. I got a bit flustered and talked around instead of directly addressing things and ended up completely botching the “Why are you getting an MBA and how will it help you achieve your goals?” question.


So I didn’t get in. It is a small program (90 students) and I got a very nice note from my interviewer who said, basically, that while I was a strong candidate they didn’t think that ESADE would help me achieve my goals as stated in my application and interview.


Fair enough. It might be just a bit distracting with all of Barcelona at my doorstep and with everyone I know arriving to visit, anyway. And I did get that first interview out of the way.

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