Mar 282007

I’ve been accepted to RSM Erasmus, which is really good. Now it’s time to get on with my scholarship essays…


The same day, I got an email from Oxford offering me an interview slot in DC, and I’d really planned on going there, but the prospect of gnawing on my nails for several weeks while I prepare for the interview and work on scholarship essays…

So I’ve decided (along with the aid of a cheapish direct airline ticket) to go ahead and go to DC. I get on a early-AM flight out of Oakland to DC for the weekend. Maybe this time I’ll get to see some of my nation’s capital, unlike the past few trips which have proved to be a tour of the DC/Baltimore area hospitals and the Morgue. Whee. Not a visit I suggest.

Now I’ve got to a) do a stellar interview for Oxford, b) decide if I’m going to RSM Erasmus, c) write more stunning essays for scholarships, d) work up all my student loan stuff, e) get lots and lots of scholarships, f) get some sleep.

Please think good thoughts for me Friday AM at 11:30AM Eastern. That’s the 29th of March, 2007.


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