Mar 252007

I just went to help my friend Max paint and floor and pull a bathtub and all kinds of dirty nasty remodeling stuff in his (and his wife’s) new apartment. This was the day after Oxford’s round 3 closed and I was looking for anything that might keep me busy and keep me from biting my nails for the next three weeks until interview decisions are over. I get home and on a Saturday, I’m presented with an interview invitation to Oxford’s Said business school. I have the option of going to DC this Friday or to Shanghai this Saturday (I think I’ll skip the Shanghai option: 10 hours time difference and a 15 hour flight does not a good interview candidate make, thank you. Though it would be a good excuse to go see Shanghai…)

I’m going to call them on Monday first thing and see if I can’t get in on one of the Oxford days. Flights to DC this week are already pretty expensive, and it looks fairly reasonable to go to the UK… besides, there are some children that are rapidly becoming not very small that I’d really like to see in South London.

More news as it develops.

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