Mar 252007


Just after digesting my rejection letter from ESADE, I was invited to interview with an alumnus of RSM here in the Bay area. We met for coffee at Ritual (very odd to be walking into the very hipster Ritual coffee roasters in a business suit, but…

I have to say that the more I look and meet people, the more impressed I am with RSM Erasmus. This is a very solid program with some emphasis on sustainability and particular emphasis on supply chain management. The economy and culture in the Netherlands is very progressive, and they are famous for their Gezellig lifestyle. This is to be seen as a good thing to keep in mind.

The graduates and staff that I’ve met from RSM are very together, and very solid in their knowledge and abilities, and Spencer—the graduate who interviewed me—said after talking to me that, even if I get into INSEAD or Oxford that he really hopes I go there: He suspects that I’ll have an excellent rapport with the school and that we’ll both get a lot out of it. One of the coolest things they have is their Personal Leadership Development program. It sounds good but there aren’t many specifics. Spencer told me that it was the brainchild of one of the professors there and they have a course that runs through the whole program teaching you leadership skills, from the hard to define OB stuff to things like how to run a press conference. Not too bad.

Interview went really well: He asked me to tell my story and a few other quick questions, and responded very positively to my request for feedback. So that’s out of the way and things are looking good for the next steps.

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