Apr 172007


Assuming, of course, that they actually DHL me the promised paperwork and whatnot. After my pretty-good interview with Professor Westbrook, I waited with bated breath, chewing my nails to the quick (and beyond), thinking how much I wanted to go to RSM Erasmus.

And I did. Quite a lot. I learned a lot about the program, and was really impressed. I think the Netherlands is a great country and would have had a great time there, but there’s no subfusc and whatnot.

Besides. Oxford boasts high use of the word whatnot, which I adore.

So that’s it. Time to focus on scholarship essays and getting rid of my stuff and hiring my replacement and living San Francisco up and all that jazz. Thanks for watching. Watch this space for details of my actual going to Oxford and doing my MBA. Cheers!

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