Jul 022007

I actually got my UK Visa today. They’re going to let me stay there until 1/2/2009 (That’s 1 Feb for those of you in the backwardsish US of A).

Check it out:

My UK Visa

Other developments: I’m slowly making my way through my wine. And my house. And my stuff. Yay, stuff.

It’s now T-minus 30 days in SF. I’m having loads of lasts, or at least “maybe-lasts” which is pretty… odd. It struck me on the stumble home from Declan and Sofia’s going away party that this might be my last 1:30 AM drunken CanCun burrito. Which made me sad, though I was really appreciative it was a 4 pints drunken stumble, rather than the How Wierd Fair stumble from a couple of years ago. I think that one was Chad and my brilliant idea to get 40s of King Cobra.


Off to non-drunken shopping and shipping and prepping for dinner. Lamb-a-licious!

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