Sep 092007

Sorry for the lack of update; I’ve been futzing around and doing a bunch of stuff.

I have arrived safely in the UK. I’m staying in Bournemouth with Jamie and Barbara and headed to London tomorrow. On an interesting note, the world keeps getting smaller and smaller:

Alef who I know from Franklin back in the days of high school is living about 10 minutes’ walk from Ed and Jane. I’ve probably walked past his house a dozen times in the last 5 years. He’s teaching maths in a London inner city school which is cool, particularly considering that we met in an Algebra class where our British teacher made particular fun of us all year long.

My dear friend Amy Laura has a friend who’s in SBS this year who is doing financial models for sustainability. Another poet-turned-superstar. At least, I hope that’s what’s going to happen with me. (They call anyone without a business/econ/finance undergraduate degree a poet– I guess Performance Art counts)

School hasn’t started yet but I’ve already done about 3 hours’ work. The professor suggested that it would be 5, so that’s something. Although I’m planning on keeping my mind open to any possibilities that come my way I think I can safely say that I won’t become an accountant. I took a basic accounting class and man, it’s all legwork and details, which I’m terrible at. I feel pretty confident in the material but I keep making careless errors– like putting in 100 instead of 200, or writing “common stock” instead of “share capital”. Blah.

I made it to SBS very briefly– Jamie’s picked up a motorbike that I can use. It’s a 1999 Triumph Tiger 900– same engine as the speed triple but much more comfortable. And way faster than my old BMW F650, at about the same price point. We rode 500 miles: From the S. coast of England into Wales, then across some hilly parts of England (all of which was beautiful, though a bit hair-raising riding for the first time in 3 months, on the wrong side of the road, on a newer, more powerful bike, learning how to use “roundabouts” (traffic circles, which are only decorative in the US) and marveling at how generally conscious British drivers seem.


Me and the Tiger. mmm… 855 cc triple…

Not that I’m completely enamored with Britain. They haven’t really got customer service figured out, everything costs a ridiculous amount of money, and they have this habit of throwing up horrible developments right in the same neighborhood with ancient (think medieval to Edwardian) buildings.

Not that I’m complaining. The beer ain’t bad.

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  1. i think poets are superstars

  2. also, if you’d ever driven in the northeastern part of the “back-assward-u-s-of-a” (as you referred to it earlier), you’d have found MANY functional traffic circles. they’re quite prevalent and serve a purpose – they’re not decorative. anyhooo.. have fun.

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