Oct 302007

I have been made the Pembroke MCR Sommelier. That is nice.

I think it basically means that I get to spend money that’s not mine on wine for the rest of the year. You can imagine what joy that brings me.

Maren asked me this AM if I was feeling better. I realised that since I last spoke to her I’d met two heads of state, John Kuofor, President of Ghana and the Chair of the African Union, and Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan. I don’t really know what to say. Karzai was candid and impressive, and when he had to, for political reasons, skirt an issue, he said, basically, “As president, I have to not speak to that.” Kuofor was less practiced at extemporaneous speaking but did address all questions posed to him with candor. He was a member at Exeter college and I got to have a really quite nice dinner there.

I did not, however, have the opportunity to pose my question to him: “Mr. President, if you had 5 top MBAs at your disposal for the months of July and August of next year, to what task would you put them? (accepting that I have an ulterior motive for asking that question– I can provide 5 MBAs to either Ghana or the African Union).

He is speaking at the Oxford Union tomorrow. I’ll try to get my question in then.

Other than that…


Drunk stressed out MBAs. Nothing to celebrate except Friday night

I am still alive. Drunk far too often and studying way too much and rowing and yoga not nearly enough. I am perhaps amazed at the amount of old skool-stylee partying I am capable of, not to mention my going to bed at 9PM last Sat. Night.

I was what we call tired.

In other news, I cannot seem to write a cohesive narrative, an associate of one of my personal heroes wrote me back and I’m chatting to him on Thursday after my Finance class.

And I don’t want to talk about CAPM, degrees of price discrimination, business ideas, beta estimation, Disney, or my orange toenails.

OK, maybe my orange toenails. It’s really not that interesting of a story. I got a pedicure. That’s pretty much it.

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