Oct 232007

(warning: little of import to say, mostly rambling, somewhat incoherent, and no time to edit. You have been warned.)

I joined the Oxford Union which will theoretically get me into loads of cool events, including, last night, a talk by the Prime Minister of Turkey (a figure of some controversy currently), though I was about 10 feet/3m from the door when they announced that it was full.


Tomorrow there’s a lunch with the Prime Minister of Afghanistan. Upcoming people include… too many to list. Check out the site. Amazing history and all that. And debates! Tom Delay vs. Al Sharpton (This House looks forward to seeing a democrat in the White House). Pretty cool.

Friday I was supposed to go see Underworld with Ed and Jane, except that part of Underworld had some sort of emergency medical need (rumors include a burst appendix) so I just had to go have a very nice dinner in Soho with them. mmm… food.

The highlight of the week, aside from stressed MBAs drinking heavily (and South Africa taking the World Cup of Rugby and inordinate drinking) was the Pembroke Ramble with the Master.

Apparently the heads of colleges aren’t typically very involved in student affairs, having loads of other things on their minds, but the word is that our Master, Giles Henderson, is very involved. He takes us out for walks with his dogs once a term and we had a nice time. It was a lovely day– crisp and cold and gorgeous. I miss this kind of weather– early wintertime.


Me looking suitably English with dog


smartypants Oxford grads, including dogs and Giles

Giles, the Master, is smart and interesting and interested in the students under his care. Refreshing.

School is school and I’m feeling mostly caught up though the CAPM is going to eat my brain. Not to even begin to mention descriptive statistics. All I can remember from last week is a headache. Though I apparently did the homework– I have it done but it just looks like scrawls to me. That, I guess, is what you get when you do your homework after 2 beers on the train. Really. I only meant to have one, but you know how it goes. Stressed MBAs need booze.

Also had a really cool guy named Parker Mitchell, the co-founder and co-CEO of Engineers without Borders who had lots of interesting insight on aid to Africa.

California is burning but at least it’s 480 miles away from my house. Rowing calls in the morning and I need to get some rest.

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