Nov 112007

Work work work.

And a little bit of play.

I should really be reading but…

This week was Diwali, a major Hindu/Jain/Sikh holiday– the biggest holiday of the year in fact.. As about 1/4 of our class is from India, we of course had a party. There was lots of tasty curry (everyone was concerned at the spice but I was, of course, fine with it. There was Bhangra and then Indian techno dancing. I’ve been working with Indian folks for years and, as a rule (stereotype?) they’re generally really warm, friendly people. Now I know that they’re serious partyers and even more warm and friendly. I have several offers for food dates and dinners and I’m very much looking forward to it– and to any possible future weddings, etc.


Deepti, Jitin, Aashima, and Inhektab serving up some goodness…

There was also a birthday party and a Crew Date. A crew date takes some quick explanation. And no, there aren’t any photos.

A crew date: You take 8 guys, a coach, and a coxswain, all of whom for some reason get up at 5:30 to row on the river at 6AM way too often, and have them take out to dinner 8 women, a coach, and another cox who do the same thing. Each person gets a bottle of wine and starts drinking. Several drinking games are played– or made up– on the spot until all go out for more dancing and drinking. Pennying. Sconcing. International Drinking Rules. It’s all much more high class (ish) than keg stands and beer bongs, but then it’s done in a restaurant. But a restaurant who lets people bring their own booze, which is bound to attract a certain type of binge-drinking student.

What I really enjoy about these things is getting wickedly liquored up and finding interesting people to talk to who can still hold a conversation. And finding the upstairs part of the club where they were playing mid 90s hip hop. Enough of this cheezy late-90s trance!

And the day afterwards I did 2 outings, as someone was too hungover to turn up in the D boat. At least I got my hangover burned out, and then to the library, and then to Excel, and then…

That’s about all. I really should be reading…

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