Nov 262007

Final week now. I’ll have a better update soon but I thought I would leave you with a summation of 8 week’s worth of Strategy notes. I thought that someone might want to know what I’m studying.


5 forces star, fat wabbits, stuck in the middle, everything hangs on why, 2 blades, Welsh Hills, BWOT, markets never die, milk the cow, signaling, loose bricks, Dick Cheney’s WMD (relating to (un)known (un)knowns), Strategy is, like love, both simple and complicated, cooptation.

There. I’m sure you all now pity me so ever so much.

Thanks to Stephen Gotz for the scan. And to Richard Whittington for the, um, art of teaching.

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  1. OOOO – you know how I love visual aids…. can I use this at my next staff meeting? or is it copywrited.

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