Dec 092007

Just a quickie. I have good friends. Good friends.

Ali J sent me a bacon scarf for, hell, I dunno. Xmas? New Year’s? Just ’cause?


Not only is it a bacon scarf, though. See that tag on it? It says Otto + Bacon = Love.

And that is an equation even more true than CAPM.

Otto is a friend of mine, and a really close friend of my friends Dusty and Laura– he married them and countless other people. He’s an all around upstanding guy and is really cool. When you meet him, you know.

Otto got cancer and got it fixed, but because he doesn’t have health insurance or anything, he’s gotta pay for it himself. Our little San Francisco community came together and has so far raised $115K of the $200K it cost, through events, bacon scarves, bacon cook-offs, and whatever else.

That is really cool. Gives me hope for us.

Want to do your part? go here. It’s inspiring even just watching the support messages from people.

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