Dec 092007

Exams start tomorrow. I’m feeling… I don’t know if I’m really ready or not for them as the scoring system here is… odd, to say the least. And on my first exam we don’t get the results of our work back until February, but one way or another it’s all (well, the first quarter) going to be over soon.


It was Mousa in the Library, with the laptop.

There has been much studying and late nights in the library. I had intended to do more studying over 9th week which is mostly revision but somehow ended up doing some MBA bonding with some of my classmates (read: drinking heavily. Very heavily. Constantly.)

Exams at Oxford are, well, odd. We have to troop off to Summertown dressed in full subfusc, essentially a tux with a polyester cape (with these wierd wings that I would expect would look really good if you were jumping off of the roof onto the evildoers), carrying our hat, and do the exams. They are all marked by two people and possibly a third and the whole system takes ages. Grades run from 40 to 80, with a 50 as a pass, a 65 as a “perfectly respectable” score (I’m equating it with a B+), and a 70 is a distinction. If I get six disctinction courses and an overall average of 65, I get to put “MBA with disctinction” on my CV which will make some people (probably the people who expect me to work 14 hour days) go “ooo”. It is apparently also quite hard (one smart guy I know filled all the requirements and ended up with like a 64.2 average) So I am trying to get my best grade, though I am preferring learning to marks.

I’ve also been heavily prepping for the seat races to see if I make the cut into the Pembroke Men’s 2nd boat. They asked me to try out for M2, who in our very sporty college means that we’d be racing against other college’s first boats, which is very cool. Especially since most of the guys I’d be rowing with are 15 years my junior. It’s odd to be somewhat sporty as I pretty much missed out on all that back in my undergraduate days at UNO I wasn’t very sporty and the sports training at UNO left much to be desired. Or at least so I thought at the time. I feel like my stress levels are generally much lower when I’m doing training, and all the assorted benefits that seem to come with it– blood pressure, etc. Considering the astonishing amount of coffee I’m drinking now that I’m back in school, that’s probably a good thing overall. There is something to be said for this “whole person education” idea.

And I spent a couple of days in London starting with the Oxford/Cambridge Rugby match (we lost, though we were within 1m of the goal line at 35s to time), and later hanging out with Ed, Jane, Finlay, and Iona, finishing with an excellent xmas dinner with Stephen/Alma, The Johns, and Kevin/Vivienne. A fun time was had by all, but particularly the meat eaters as we had a most excellent cut of venison that Ed and I cooked up with juniper/port gravy. mmm mmm good.


I love this photo. “Man down! More cava!”

And, of course, a lot of wine. And champagne. And cava. Much of which was furnished by the Johns, as was only right.


And I like it when you see Viv and Kevin looking at each other…

That’s all the news from Lake OX1, where the all the women kick ass, all the men row, and all the children are shipped off to boarding school for their education.

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