Jun 082011

As a part of my job running the Social Innovation Camp, I’ve been going up and back to Scotland, meeting people, drinking approximately 600 cups of coffee a day (it seems, at times), and getting people to submit ideas for our upcoming Camp in Edinburgh.

I made it to Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, and Edinburgh. Some of those places more than once.

By the numbers:

–          Weeks of Call for Ideas: 8

–          Weeks spent traveling: 7

–          Days spent in Scotland: 15

–          Longest consecutive days at home: 4

–          Pre-6:30 AM mornings: 6

–          Public sector bodies contacted: 14

–          Workshops run: 14

–          Largest attendance: 28 (Glasgow)

–          Smallest attendance: 2 (Inverness)

–          Meetings missed: 1

–          Judges found: 5

–          Best meal: The Mustard Seed, Inverness

–          Worst meal: The Ramada Encore, Inverness

–          Shortest trip: Inverness (25 hours on the ground)

–          Latest train: East Coast, Edinburgh->London (~3 hours)

–          Loudest train: ScotRail Aberdeen->Edinburgh (stag do)

–          Best breakfast: Edinburgh (http://www.edinburghfirst.org.uk )

–          Number of haggis for breakfast: 6


Best use of odd bits of a building: Hootenanny in Inverness:

Best signage fail: On the street in Glasgow:

That best breakfast in Edinburgh:

The still-lit sky, 10:30PM in Inverness in May:

Student humour in Glasgow: That’s James Watt with a cone on his head.

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