Jan 062008
Venezia, Milano, Germany

Venice Venice is a beautiful town. We took the train in and then the vaporetto around to the Piazza San Marco spent about 8 hours there, walking and talking and exploring. It’s an odd place. Beautiful. Part of the beauty is in the decrepitness, and perhaps in the fact that it’s dying, sinking into the […]

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Dec 302007
Exams Ireland Italy and...

Exams I’ve never been terribly bad at exams. They generally don’t stress me out, and I test pretty well. Which is fortunate, due to my extreme procrastination. However, the Oxford exam experience is pretty different. Much more stressful. First of all, exams are all unidentified. You put a number on them. You do everything in […]

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Dec 092007
Bacon scarf!!!

Just a quickie. I have good friends. Good friends. Ali J sent me a bacon scarf for, hell, I dunno. Xmas? New Year’s? Just ’cause? Not only is it a bacon scarf, though. See that tag on it? It says Otto + Bacon = Love. And that is an equation even more true than CAPM. […]

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Nov 182007

No fun, just heavy excel-ing and general analysis. OK, that’s not true. I have had some fun. Mostly at the expense of my stress levels and my ability to sleep. 7th week starts tomorrow. Three assignments due next week, and one the following week (analyse eBay and the internet auction industry in microeconomic terms in […]

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Nov 112007

Work work work. And a little bit of play. I should really be reading but… This week was Diwali, a major Hindu/Jain/Sikh holiday– the biggest holiday of the year in fact.. As about 1/4 of our class is from India, we of course had a party. There was lots of tasty curry (everyone was concerned […]

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Oct 302007

I have been made the Pembroke MCR Sommelier. That is nice. I think it basically means that I get to spend money that’s not mine on wine for the rest of the year. You can imagine what joy that brings me. Maren asked me this AM if I was feeling better. I realised that since […]

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Sep 092007
Back in the UK(KR)

Sorry for the lack of update; I’ve been futzing around and doing a bunch of stuff. I have arrived safely in the UK. I’m staying in Bournemouth with Jamie and Barbara and headed to London tomorrow. On an interesting note, the world keeps getting smaller and smaller: Alef who I know from Franklin back in […]

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Traveling (through giant piles of information)

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Aug 312007
Traveling (through giant piles of information)

I’m now traveling around the US in something of a limbo. I’ve been through through seven states and the District of Columbia in the last four weeks and am ready to slow down a bit. I’ve managed to find three excellent people to rent my house, an old friend, an opera singer, and a Pilates […]

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