Oct 052007
Pennies from heaven

I’m a little weary after last night’s “Welcome to Pembroke” dinner at our dining hall, which was quite excellent: Melon with Raspberry Coulis Chicken with vegetables in a mushroom gravy Profiteroles with fresh chocolate sauce Lots and lots of wine. Me, suit, tie, gown, after dinner. Much drinking ensuing in the background. As we’re all […]

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Sep 302007
Welcome home!

Oxford, the OX1, as Ean calls it. This town is, in a word, lovely. I moved all my shite in on Tuesday and immediately rearranged my room 3 times. I think I’ve just about got it right. My bedroom is, apparently, Dr Johnson’s chamber. As in Samuel Johnson, who wrote the first (thorough) dictionary of […]

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Sep 242007
Do not pass go. Do not collect £200

It’s been a serious couple of weeks. I went to London to see Ed and Jane and Iona and Finlay and had a great time. I think I’ve probably contributed to Ed and Jane having more to drink– and worse hangovers– than they’ve had in quite some time. Iona and Finlay are turning into wonderful, […]

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Mar 252007

ESADE It’s been mad the last few weeks, and I kept putting off updating this thing (I’m a good writer, but apparently a terrible blogger).   So. I bombed the ESADE interview. Part of it was the phone format. The woman was very smart and there was no language barrier at all, but I completely […]

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