Dec 302007
Exams Ireland Italy and...

Exams I’ve never been terribly bad at exams. They generally don’t stress me out, and I test pretty well. Which is fortunate, due to my extreme procrastination. However, the Oxford exam experience is pretty different. Much more stressful. First of all, exams are all unidentified. You put a number on them. You do everything in […]

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Nov 262007
What I'm studying

Final week now. I’ll have a better update soon but I thought I would leave you with a summation of 8 week’s worth of Strategy notes. I thought that someone might want to know what I’m studying. 5 forces star, fat wabbits, stuck in the middle, everything hangs on why, 2 blades, Welsh Hills, BWOT, […]

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Nov 182007

No fun, just heavy excel-ing and general analysis. OK, that’s not true. I have had some fun. Mostly at the expense of my stress levels and my ability to sleep. 7th week starts tomorrow. Three assignments due next week, and one the following week (analyse eBay and the internet auction industry in microeconomic terms in […]

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Nov 112007

Work work work. And a little bit of play. I should really be reading but… This week was Diwali, a major Hindu/Jain/Sikh holiday– the biggest holiday of the year in fact.. As about 1/4 of our class is from India, we of course had a party. There was lots of tasty curry (everyone was concerned […]

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Oct 302007

I have been made the Pembroke MCR Sommelier. That is nice. I think it basically means that I get to spend money that’s not mine on wine for the rest of the year. You can imagine what joy that brings me. Maren asked me this AM if I was feeling better. I realised that since […]

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Oct 232007
Week 2 (and a little)

(warning: little of import to say, mostly rambling, somewhat incoherent, and no time to edit. You have been warned.) I joined the Oxford Union which will theoretically get me into loads of cool events, including, last night, a talk by the Prime Minister of Turkey (a figure of some controversy currently), though I was about […]

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Oct 052007
Pennies from heaven

I’m a little weary after last night’s “Welcome to Pembroke” dinner at our dining hall, which was quite excellent: Melon with Raspberry Coulis Chicken with vegetables in a mushroom gravy Profiteroles with fresh chocolate sauce Lots and lots of wine. Me, suit, tie, gown, after dinner. Much drinking ensuing in the background. As we’re all […]

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