Nov 162008
Finally, some water!

Makoro-landThe Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta on earth. there once was a lake, which has turned into a swamp, and about 90% of Botswana’s water is here. This is the edge of a series of nature reserves that spread across northern Botswana, ending in Chobe, at the Zimbabwe border. Here, the Okavango river […]

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Nov 162008

Game timeLeaving Swakopmund and civilisation behind, we head off for two days to a rather unusual game park– Etosha. Think of the Black Rock Desert, not nearly as hard, far more salty, and surrounded by arid savannah with a few water holes. Here there are a wide variety of antelopes, from teeny tiny Steenboks up […]

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Oct 212008
Namibia cont'd

We are now in Swakopmund, our “last stop” for civilisation. Four blog entries will be posted from here, and I’ll check up on my email as well. The Score, so far So far, we have: Springbok (a tasty little deer-like creature)GemsbokOryxMountain ZebraOstrichBaboonsGreat White SharksSouthern Right Whalesand countless types of lizards (including the ones that switch […]

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Oct 172008
On the road... if you call it that.

As I type this, I’m in the back of a truck bouncing over a very serious dirt road, looking out over the river that’s the border between Namibia and South Africa. It’s been a hectic few days: We arrived in Cape Town to hang out with Zeenith et al for a few days as well […]

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Oct 132008
SA Wedding

Fran├žois and Dorita are married. They looked lovely, and there was much rejoicing. Good looking Verloren von Themats But the bride wins Blessings on the happy couple Arriving in style to dinner… And dancing with style all night… Update For those of you who care, we’re probably not climbing Kilimanjaro. A bit too little time, […]

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Oct 102008
200 paintballs, 16 friends, 6 sharks, 5 bits of food porn, 4 days, 3 houses, 2 getting married, 1 flight, too many excellent meals, bottles of wine...

Where I am Tuesday AM I got off the British Airways 747 in Cape Town, South Africa, for Francois and Dorita’s wedding. I immediately ate Biltong, got some Rooibos tea, and drove out to Stellenbosch, where I dropped my bags and packed up for a paintball game. Yes, it is exactly as cheesy and goofy […]

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