Jun 142008
Trinity wind-down

Well, things are winding up as they wind down. One more week of classes, which includes four group projects (one about 80% done, the other three haven’t even been started) and three individual projects. I suppose I know what I’m doing over the rest of this weekend. Had a job interview, it went fairly well, […]

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Feb 212008
Winning Streak!

Man, oh, man, what a week. First, we left our potato economy in Macroeconomics and invented money. See, to understand a few things, it was easier if we had a single market, a single unit of currency, and a single product of production: Potatoes. Yes, folks, I took out $80,000 in loans to study potatoes. […]

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Feb 102008
Michaelmas term grades, halfway through Hilary, electives, work work work

Michaelmas (first term) grades finally came out. Remember, with these numbers, that grades are different here than in the US. A 50 is a pass, a 60 is a “strong pass”, and a 70 is a “distinction”. Decision Science: 64 Developing Effective Managers: 63 Finance 1: 63 Financial Reporting: 62 Managerial Economics: 59 Strategy 1: […]

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Jan 082008

My first term at Oxford is over. It consisted of six core subjects: Finance I, Strategy I, Managerial Economics, Decision Science (Statistics), Developing Effective Managers (Organisational Behaviour), and Financial Reporting (Accounting). There were a few amazing lecturers, a few average ones, and a couple of really, unconscionably bad ones. I’ve shared my thoughts on the […]

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