Apr 172007

Oxford! Assuming, of course, that they actually DHL me the promised paperwork and whatnot. After my pretty-good interview with Professor Westbrook, I waited with bated breath, chewing my nails to the quick (and beyond), thinking how much I wanted to go to RSM Erasmus. And I did. Quite a lot. I learned a lot about […]

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Apr 042007

Well, I made it to DC, didn’t get lost in its confusing street system (though I’m really glad I went down a half hour early– 15th Street NW skips over a block, and it just happens to be the block the Metro station comes out on versus the block the Sofitel, and my interview, was […]

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Mar 282007

I’ve been accepted to RSM Erasmus, which is really good. Now it’s time to get on with my scholarship essays… BUT The same day, I got an email from Oxford offering me an interview slot in DC, and I’d really planned on going there, but the prospect of gnawing on my nails for several weeks […]

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Mar 252007

I just went to help my friend Max paint and floor and pull a bathtub and all kinds of dirty nasty remodeling stuff in his (and his wife’s) new apartment. This was the day after Oxford’s round 3 closed and I was looking for anything that might keep me busy and keep me from biting […]

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Mar 252007

RSM Just after digesting my rejection letter from ESADE, I was invited to interview with an alumnus of RSM here in the Bay area. We met for coffee at Ritual (very odd to be walking into the very hipster Ritual coffee roasters in a business suit, but… I have to say that the more I […]

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Mar 252007

ESADE It’s been mad the last few weeks, and I kept putting off updating this thing (I’m a good writer, but apparently a terrible blogger).   So. I bombed the ESADE interview. Part of it was the phone format. The woman was very smart and there was no language barrier at all, but I completely […]

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Feb 202007

ESADE has, after careful consideration of my application materials, decided to invite me to interview. This will be my first. They’re definitely high on my list of choices. It is scheduled this Thursday (22nd Feb, 2007) at 0830PST, so send out some good thoughts. Please.

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Feb 102007

Obligatory introductory message: I’m getting ready to give up my cushy interesting position in a growing, solid company to do a complete career change. I’m going to *gasp* leave San Francisco and move to Europe for a year or more. I’ve been reading blogs of several people who are currently in MBA programs that I’m […]

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