Feb 112013


Where to begin with Kraken, in just 100 words? This is a book about religion, about getting it right instead of getting it wrong. A police procedural that’s been turned inside out about the world just ’round the corner that you know is there but pass by. A book about London, gods, trade unions, ghosts and destiny. Most of those words could be said about several books, but Kraken takes it to the next level. Possibly Miéville’s best work to date. A personal challenge, hard to put down, layered and complex and I almost can’t wait to read it again.


Get it on Kindle here (UK) or here (US)

Jun 202012


China Miéville takes us though his inimitable brain onto trains to hunt moles in yet another world & instructs us about philosophy, adventure, friendship, duty, & responsibility. Punctuated with the rhythms of the rails rather than the sea shanty, Railseapulls us along on an inexorable journey where youth equals innocence & experience comes at a price – a price not agree to.


We get kidnapping, pirates, & corrupt officials. There are moles more intelligent than they appear. An homage to Viriconium, perhaps. Perhaps not be Miéville’s greatest, deepest, work, but a fun, wild swashbuckling ride that you should take.

Out now (UK) (US), though the UK has a better cover (see there above?)