Mar 312014

Cadigan, known for being a proper Cyberpunk OG, is still writing and rousing rabble, and doing a damn fine job of it. With Chalk, a chapbook, she shows a deft hand with horror as well. This isn’t horror in the “One, two, Freddie’s coming for you” mould, but layers of the supernatural which draw the reader in, creeping through the underbrush to create fear and dread in yourself. Two young girls, best friends, in a small town in the 1960s look for places to hide in plain sight. Don’t be surprised if you see this on loads of awards lists.


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Oct 142013


Every now and then one has to go back and read the big ones. I ploughed my way through Synners sometime in the early ’90s with no idea of what’s was going on. Synners is prescient: music style, everything-porn, botnets, and more. And it’s good. Bloody good. It isn’t an easy read – you have to keeping track of a city’s worth of characters with minimal clues as to point of view – Cadigan drops you into a world where they must sink or swim, drowns you in media res, forcing you to tease out the plot and themes from subtle clues.


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