Aug 222014
Hundreds of HodderWordScape Review: Smiler's Fair, by Rebecca Levene

100 words: Introduction The twelfth, and final, Hodderscape Review project title is Smiler’s Fair, by Rebecca Levene. It’s a big, world-built secondary world fantasy with maps that all three of my regular readers will have some idea that it’s may not be my personal cup of tea. I was still intrigued to read it – […]

Jun 092014
Several hundred words review: The First Stone by Elliott Hall

100 words: overall Elliott Hall has written a very readable, fun, by-the-numbers hard boiled detective story. There’s an ugly murder – which is obviously a set-up. Our Hero, a Fundamentally Good Detective, Felix Strange(in suit and fedora, no less) with Unusual Strong Moral Qualms, is called in and strong-armed into investigating and uncovering the culprit, […]

May 262014
Hodderscape review project: The Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon

May’s book for the Hodderscape Review Project is a Elizabeth Moon’s classic inspired by her son and his autism. 100 words: What’s it all about? In a recognisable near-future, crucially, infants with autism can be cured, but those around thirty or older make use of training and adaptations. Lou Arrendale is an autistic computer programmer […]

Mar 172014
Hundreds of Hodderscape words review: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert A. Heinlein

100 words: The overview The March Hodderscape review project book is one of the Big Books from one of the Grand Masters of SF, Robert A Heinlein. It’s a biggie. It won the Hugo and the Nebula, and written and published around two-thirds of the way through the space race, and it’s a fascinating thought […]

Feb 132014
Hundreds of words review: The Copper Promise, by Jen Williams

The February Hodderscape Review Project book is The Copper Promise, by Jen Williams. 100 words: Overall I’m going to come right out, in typically dour fashion, and say that I’m not a fan of epic sword and sorcery fantasy. This book is split into four novellas, and the first one deals with a party of […]

Oct 242013
Several hundred words review: The Crystal Cave, by Mary Stewart

  100 introductory words It’s Hodderscape Review Project time again. This time up, the 1970 classic The Crystal Cave, by Mary Stewart. This, for those who don’t know, is the Arthur mythology brought back to life using Merlin as the point of view and main character. Stewart turns to Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae. […]

Aug 052013
Several hundred words review: The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde

Hodderscape have asked me to be a part of their review project, so they’re going to be sending books to me and my fellow bloggers over the next year or so. Much as I love doing the hundred words reviews, sometimes they’re a bit restrictive. Sometimes there’s a big but. Sometimes there’s a thing that […]