Aug 102015
How I came to hate content

Every time a digital product manger says the word ‘content’, it makes me cringe. Sometimes, it’s appropriate, but mostly it’s a careless shorthand way of commodifying everything, with or without meaning. When I was younger content referred to the actual meaning of what you were painting, reading, making a film of, or whatever. I got […]

Oct 182013
New publishing credit: Book of the Dead

I’m thrilled to be included in the almost-published Book of the Dead by Jurassic London. The table of contents includes some of the writers I most respect and admire scribbling words down today – from upstart newcomers like the inimitable Molly Tanzer and co-south Londoner/stand-up guy Den Patrick to heavyweights Jesse Bullington and Gail Carriger, […]

May 282013
Oh noes! Big Data is going to ruin my screenplay!

Quite a few of my writery friends have been shouting in despair about how big data is being used to profile screenplays. The long & short of the article is that, contrary to public belief, there is something of a formula to building hollywood blockbusters, and that certain things can reduce take in a film. […]

Jul 082012
100 word review: A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness

Patrick Ness writes true things. Conor’s nightmare scares him awake; a monster comes calling. The monster tells him true things. Uncomfortable important things. The world we live in can be a difficult, unforgiving place. Things get better, sometimes. Events move to their conclusions; everything does not turn out OK. Which is OK. This book is […]

Apr 142012
Inaugural 100 word review: Sophia McDougall’s Romanitas

100 word reviews I’m starting a new project, to keep me scribbling on this blog. It’ll be completely random, as well as revealing a bit of the subject matter of what I’m currently reading. Here’s the thing: I hate book reviews. I want to like them, and they always start off interesting, but then they […]