Mar 052013

  I’ve been thinking again, about grace as a combination of gratefulness and generosity. Not sure if it holds up, but I think there Generosity With our work at the Social Innovation Camp and Bethnal Green Ventures, we’ve found astoundingly generous people all over the world. From government workers willing to give up their time, […]

Feb 262013

  …with, perhaps, some lessons for most everything else. I went to the launch of my old dean Colin Mayer’s new book Firm Commitment a few days ago. I’ve just dipped into the book briefly but the associated lecture (and this article) got me thinking. The brief version of the lecture says, in essence, “The […]

Feb 142013
Some fine news for Bethnal Green Ventures

At work we’ve been sitting on some excellent news since before Christmas: Bethnal Green Ventures, our for-profit accelerator programme, is going to be back in 2013, bigger and better than ever. What we’ll be doing, along with our partners the Cabinet Office, Nesta and Nominet Trust, is taking super early stage teams and giving them […]

Apr 182009

Figure out what you’re good at and be who you are. In strategy courses, we talk a lot about sustainable competitive advantage-what it is that makes your company better than others at doing what it is that you do-in some cases, you may have companies that compete in markets but don’t directly compete against each […]

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Apr 142009

You don’t get to make the rules; deal with it. This one you hopefully learned in undergrad, but it bears some repeating. You take a top international business programme which requires several years’ experience to get in and you’re quite likely to have a lot of talented people who are used to having their way […]

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Apr 052009

You don’t get to know the rules; deal with it. For most of my academic life, I had some idea of what the grading policy would be for my work-I always lost all the penmanship points, but got most of the rest of them. You could, of course, use this to game the system-you’d get […]

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Apr 012009

The most important lessons are learned, not taught. You can only be taught so much in life, but most of what’s important you’ll have to learn yourself. A lot of people were frustrated in our core Financial Reporting course-the accountants were upset that the course was teaching that their science was all tricks, smoke, and […]

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