Aug 182015

Paris, after the war.

You know. The big one. The one with the massive bombs that ended the age of empires.

The one that meant that angels were kicked out of heaven.

The first world war.

De Bodard has linked the wars to create a postapocalyptic Paris as her backdrop.

This is a story of the failure of colonialism and empire, on both grand scales and personal. It’s a story of unlikely alliances – immigrant, human, newly Fallen, and head of House, and how they can conspire to restore – or upset – the social order.

It’s haunting and sticks in the mind.

Mar 252013

No comment on the cover art

A far future. An empire divided. A space station on the edge of nowhere. De Bodard explores family dynamics and the effect of war on individuals in this three-part novella. The writing is tight, dense, layered and complex. This is by no means an easy or light read – complicated by hunger pangs from de Bodard’s food descriptors – but the imagination and world building is first-rate. I’ve only read half the Nebula shortlist, but this novella would stand out in any crowded field: Complicated, layered, internal and external conflict work, here, and de Bodard delivers. As usual. Not that I’m jealous.


n.b. On a Red Station, Drifting has been nominated for a Nebula award.


Buy it here (UK h/b) or here (US h/b) or direct from the publisher here.

May 142012

100 word reviews: Servant of the Underworld by Aliette de Bodard

A mystery story. With magic. In the pre-conquistador Aztec empire.

A gripping read, save the mental gymnastics stumbling over the sounds of the names. A fun, wild ride through a less-populated culture who usually villainish (see: anything Aztecish in film or genre).

There’s history, magic and insight into culture, and there’s unfamiliar territory and some clarity around blood sacrifice.

There’s love and there’s lust and there’s a revenger’s tragedy buried in the mystery, and there’s a critical period of history.

I think I personally prefer de Bodard’s later short fiction, but I’m willing and interested to read more of these.