Jun 112013

17 stories launched by objects in our cosmos, from Mercury out to Voyager I. What stories. What imagination. What tales of wonder. Adam Roberts’ 18th Century tale of a voyage to the moon turns itself inside out. Kaaron Warren delivers dreamchills in hallucinatory fashion. This idiosyncratic collection that fits together, somehow, like family, only without the awkward holiday dinners. Further shouts-out to Kameron Hurley’s “Enyo-Enyo” wanders through the system in an mysterious cycle, much like Eris. James Smythe caps off the system with “The Grand Tour”, his postapocalyptic paean to Voyager I. Make it a point to get this ebook.


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Dec 172012

The Jurassic/Pandemonium team heads to the old, weird, west. Not so weird – though often otherworldly and seriously creepy – don’t read Will Hill’s “Sad Tale” before bed. These ten stories take place over a year in a shared world fictional town in a fictional old west. The curation of the stories and the world created is top class – no easy task, with stories that range from funny to twisted and terrifying. And then there’s Sam Sykes’ “Wish for a gun”, a deep meditation on sadness and loss in a nonsensical world, my personal favourite in a top-quality anthology.


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