Jun 052007

Wheela, it’s all becoming very real.

College selection and accomodation

I’ve been accepted to Pembroke College, which apparently has better food, is a bit formal, was founded by James I (successor to Her Coolest Majesty Elizabeth I, the “Virgin” Queen. James I of England is also James IV of Scotland, which should make my Scottish friends either happy or not, as he’s sort of in the unification game…). In respect to James I, I get to wear silver tassels in my cap.

Other cool things about Pembroke:

  • John Pym, early arguer of the merits of an English Republic went here.
  • Samuel Johnson (first decent attempt at a definitive English dictionary, including some really funny entries) dropped out due to poverty.
  • Tolkien wrote the Hobbit and the first 2/3 of the Lord of the Rings while a don here.
  • They’ve given me one of the “better” rooms, which means I don’t have to share a bathroom with anyone, which, at (almost)35, is really pretty key. I mean. Really. I also pay more for it as well as everything else as an MBA student, which is just how it works. Yay, us.


I’m leaving San Francisco on August 1st. Which seems like a long way away but also doesn’t. It also means that I’m desperate to get things out of my house, find a renter for my two rooms (or to my whole house) which I’ve decided not to sell, buy a lot more tickets on the train/plane/automobile, figure out how to get a years’ worth of clothes/shoes/toothbrushes/books/etc around the US and onto Oxford.

I’m headed out to Tucson where my brother and his family will be, as Danny trains to go to Iraq. Here’s hoping that the 2 1/2 years he’s spent learning Farsi will prove useful enough for him to get sent to a safe place. Please send up a prayer or whatever else you might do.

After that, on to New Orleans to say good-bye to that city, then on to Alabama to see the cousins and uncles and aunts that I haven’t seen in far too long, then to DC for a week, NYC for 5 days, and I leave on 3 Sept, the day after my birthday.

Hoping to see Steve & Sara, Ed & Jane, Jamie & Barbara, and Kevin & Vivienne before I head to Oxford. I think this’ll be doable, though I need to get my prep reading done in that time.


I’ve been reading Getting Things Done which I suspect is changing my life. I reorganized my calendar and tasks for the next hectic 3ish months along his lines and am about to pop $75 for the Outlook plugin, therefore chaining myself to Outlook for life. It works, even if it is a bit wonky at times. And it talks to my BlackBerry. I’m just going to have to write something to automatically back it up on startup or exit or something. I’ve lost a .pst file once and man, it just shouldn’t be that bad.
I’ve also been noodling around with Microsoft OneNote and it’s really, really cool. There’s a send to outlook functionality (and you can do the reverse as well) and you can categorize and sort free-form information really well, and I don’t even have a tablet PC. I almost wish I never got that T42, because then I could justify picking up an X-series tablet PC which opens up even more functionality. Think of OneNote as a notebook where you can put the pages whereever you want and you can insert information wherever you need, even if you’ve run out of room. It really does win. It’s like vim on supersteroids. Crossed with Barry Bonds. I got pointed to it by a current SBS student, Ean Hernandez, who’s promised to let me buy him a drink and tell me how to survive when your classmates are mostly 10 years younger than you are.
A few of us are going to meet up for a drink next week at Elephant and Castle downtown, drop me a line if you’re interested in coming. I’m also hoping to meet up with other SBS current, future or former students here in SF before I head out. If you’re reading this, then please drop me a line.

I should really get back to my task list…

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  2 Responses to “Long time coming update, College selection, moving, etc.”

  1. Glen,
    Marvin amd I are very Proud of, and know that your
    dad would be too. Hope, ( if you get to D.C. before you leave,) to see you.

  2. Glen,

    Congrats on your admit and welcome to class. I will also be in the same class for MBA. I am Indian and we have yahoo group of Indian going to join this class. You are welcome to visit the same. Also we have a table for the links to blogs of the students in our class. I have added your blog in that table

    See you soon.!

    – Abhijit Shaha (shahaonealp1)

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