May 222019

Hello everyone, Sadly the time has come for me to update you all. Glen passed away last Wednesday, 15th May at 12.30. It was peaceful, pain free and at home, just as he wanted. A very close friend of ours and I looked after Glen on in the hours before he passed, with sunshine and […]

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May 062019

I have lived a good life. A really good one. I’ve had the fortune to meet, befriend, and work with incredibly interesting people and in some cases make some sort of impact. It hasn’t been a particularly long life – I’m not sure at what point I reached ‘middle age’ but if so I think […]

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Dec 192018
The impact people have on your life

Sorry for the lack of an update. I’m still in hospital and it’s honestly been so day by day that I haven’t been able to put something coherent that would answer your questions. Sorry if I haven’t been responsive to your texts, tweets, (I haven’t been on facebook in two weeks), whatsapps, etc. It’s all […]

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Feb 232015

This week has been mad: work’s been mental and, while I published this blog post earlier, my blog got hacked and I stole a couple of hours on Friday morning sorting it out. Argh. So, to repeat the lost bloggage, long story short, below find the shortlist for The Kitschies. I’m going to bring back […]

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Dec 162013
100 word review: The Testimony, by James Smythe

James Smythe writes deep, complex novels which are really rather good. The Testimony – which keeps being cheap or free on Kindle, so watch for it – gives us the perspectives of twenty-eight people when a voice starts to speak, like radio directly into most people’s brains. This affects the world on very macro and […]