Oct 132008

Fran├žois and Dorita are married. They looked lovely, and there was much rejoicing.

Good looking Verloren von Themats

But the bride wins

Blessings on the happy couple

Arriving in style to dinner…

And dancing with style all night…


For those of you who care, we’re probably not climbing Kilimanjaro. A bit too little time, and it’s just too far away. Plus, a flight from either Dar es Salaam or Nairobi back to Jo-Burg will cost more than flying straight back to London. Plus, it’s going to be the rainy season shortly. 9 days of hiking in increasingly cold temperatures in the rain sounds like no fun.

We think we’ve decided to drop it for now and come back at the optimal time, but to go straight to Dar or Nairobi for the next trip.

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