Jul 262011

Of all the things that amaze me about Burning Man, the thing I’ve always found the most amazing is the breadth and variety of people—where else could you sit around talking about art and culture with a socialist doctor, a libertarian stripper, an atheist with a Master’s in Divinity from Harvard, aid workers who crosses […]

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Mar 162010

Situation I was working (actually, eating soup and planning my workday) at the British Library half an hour ago when the fire alarm went. We all packed up and left, quietly, orderly, in a very British fashion, milling around in the courtyard. I tweeted about it. Here’s the funny thing Potential Fire in a library? […]

Feb 092010

Averse, tolerant, seeking Economists talk a lot about risk behaviour– to what extent indivisuals seek, tolerate, or avoid risk, and this goes a long way in explaining why people choose to do things. An excellent post by Valeria Maltoni discusses the importance of realising when you’ve lost sight of your customers’ interests and feelings. This […]

Dec 312008
Obama, Hope, Religion, and African "Can-do" creativity and spirit

Author’s note: This is, necessarily, full of some fairly broad generalisations, but it is going somewhere– the subject matter is really broad, and I’m interested in your thoughts– in the comments. I’ll happily admit when (rather than if) I’m wrong. Without, hopefully, making strong generalizations, (Africa is, after all a continent comprised of 53 countries, […]

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Dec 172008
You are most welcome

On the ground It’s official. I’m here, on the ground, in Kampala, and have been for 2 weeks. I’m enjoying the 25 degree heat and humidity– it’s like New Orleans in April all the time, although it (sometimes) cools down at night. A little. And it’s “real” Africa. This is not South Africa or even […]

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Nov 162008
Jozie, Natal, the Golden Gate, Lesotho, and a job!

Keith’s house in Jo-burg After heading back it was a bit of time to decompress and try to arrange for my job interview to happen. We went off to Keith’s (one of my MBA buddies, and one of the greatest, most stand-up guys on the course) house in northern Johannesburg (Jo-burg, Jozie) for a couple […]

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