Mar 252013

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A far future. An empire divided. A space station on the edge of nowhere. De Bodard explores family dynamics and the effect of war on individuals in this three-part novella. The writing is tight, dense, layered and complex. This is by no means an easy or light read – complicated by hunger pangs from de Bodard’s food descriptors – but the imagination and world building is first-rate. I’ve only read half the Nebula shortlist, but this novella would stand out in any crowded field: Complicated, layered, internal and external conflict work, here, and de Bodard delivers. As usual. Not that I’m jealous.


n.b. On a Red Station, Drifting has been nominated for a Nebula award.


Buy it here (UK h/b) or here (US h/b) or direct from the publisher here.

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