Apr 012013

There’s a secret in the world. Rather a lot of secrets, in fact. In this world that secret’s name is Frances Hardinge. In Caverna, secrets are everywhere. Politics that can kill with a thought. Cheeses that can explode. True wines that can create and destroy memories. Faces that are put on like masks. Perfumes that can beguile the mind. In this world Hardinge writes astounding stories that no one knows about. In Caverna is Neverfell, another secret, whose face betrays her thoughts, fears and dreams. In this world, Hardinge should be known. In Caverna, the world is about to change.


Get it here (UK) or here (US)


n.b. Pan Macmillan, the publisher, kindly supplied me with a review copy – now in paperback. A Face Like Glass was also a shortlist for the Kischies Red Tentacle this year, an organisation on whose board I have the pleasure to serve.

  2 Responses to “100 word review: A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge”

  1. I love your 100 word reviews!! Such a brilliant idea.
    I’ve read Fly by Night, and Verdigris Deep has been on my nightstand for ages. Guess I should read that soon so I can move onto this one…

  2. Hello there. Thanks! I rather like doing them. Hardinge is brilliant. Magic cheese!

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