Sep 022009

Social Capital Markets 2009 The SoCap conference is on, on my final few days in San Francisco. I’m here with an as-usual probably unusual perspective, as a for-profit worker in innovation but with a passion for development and social media. There’s been, so far, a few interesting themes coming out, the first of which is […]

Nov 162008
Botswana, & the San (plus some Himbas)

GhanziAfter crossing into Botswana, we made our way to Ghanzi, where we camped in a gorgeous dustbowl. This place seriously looked like a luxury resort, except that only us and a group of Afrikaaner tourists were there, and we were all camping. We did get in a good swim. San/Bushmen dance & walkThat night, we […]

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Dec 092007
Procrastination station

Exams start tomorrow. I’m feeling… I don’t know if I’m really ready or not for them as the scoring system here is… odd, to say the least. And on my first exam we don’t get the results of our work back until February, but one way or another it’s all (well, the first quarter) going […]

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Sep 092007
Back in the UK(KR)

Sorry for the lack of update; I’ve been futzing around and doing a bunch of stuff. I have arrived safely in the UK. I’m staying in Bournemouth with Jamie and Barbara and headed to London tomorrow. On an interesting note, the world keeps getting smaller and smaller: Alef who I know from Franklin back in […]

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Holy jesus I’m legal!

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Jul 022007
Holy jesus I'm legal!

I actually got my UK Visa today. They’re going to let me stay there until 1/2/2009 (That’s 1 Feb for those of you in the backwardsish US of A). Check it out: Other developments: I’m slowly making my way through my wine. And my house. And my stuff. Yay, stuff. It’s now T-minus 30 days […]

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Jun 052007

Wheela, it’s all becoming very real. College selection and accomodation I’ve been accepted to Pembroke College, which apparently has better food, is a bit formal, was founded by James I (successor to Her Coolest Majesty Elizabeth I, the “Virgin” Queen. James I of England is also James IV of Scotland, which should make my Scottish […]

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Apr 172007

Oxford! Assuming, of course, that they actually DHL me the promised paperwork and whatnot. After my pretty-good interview with Professor Westbrook, I waited with bated breath, chewing my nails to the quick (and beyond), thinking how much I wanted to go to RSM Erasmus. And I did. Quite a lot. I learned a lot about […]

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