Apr 292013


Bloody Parchment 2012 sml cover
Look at that!
That, there, is a very retro cover. And a beautiful one.
I had this story that I was working on called The Next Big Thing, which is about both rather nasty relationship and the hunt for elusive cool. You can read it in this forthcoming anthology by eKhaya, the digital imprint of Random House Struik.
This came out of the Bloody Parchment contest (in association with the ZA Horrorfest) which I entered and was a finalist for. It contains mostly South African authors as well as myself, and I’m terribly chuffed to have been selected — not to mention looking forward to having a copy to read, meself.
So mark your calendars for 1st July, when you can go get it. From what I hear from the judges, it’s going to be a corker.
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