Jun 042013

After months and months, the Bloody Parchment anthology is finally out. I’d been working on this story, The Next Big Thing, for a few years on and off, never quite satisfied with it, but really loving it. I wanted it to succeed, succubistic little horror that it was, and so I worked on it and worked on it and made friends read it (thanks to Haralambi Markov and Michelle Goldsmith for putting up with it and slapping me in the face with good feedback) and submitted it to the Bloody Parchment competition, where it was selected as a finalist by an excellent panel of judges, including Sarah Lotz, Joe Vaz, Carrie Clevenger, Kelly (It’s a Book Thing blog), Shaun Swingler and Cat Hellisen.

Anyway, eKhaya/Random Struik have now got the anthology up, ebook only, on Amazons near and far.

It’s short. It’s about cities and neighbourhoods and seduction and life and hope. And lack thereof.



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