Apr 072015

This is a debut.

It is massive in scope, telling the story of the rise and fall of empires, using classical Chinese storytelling tropes and wuxia heroes.

It is breathtaking in its language and ambition. 640 pages of instructive fable and myth and history of a fictional series of countries at war with each other and with themselves.

It deals with class, race, gender, and the fruits and drawback of empire. Power as a corruptive influence, and hard decisions.

It’s not perfect – the cast of women is tiny, though dealt with well.

But it is a debut.

And bloody good.

Mar 272013

This shortish novella, also nominated for the Nebula, depicts a special time in American history: when race wasn’t quite as embedded as an issue on the national conscience. Chinese immigrants meet their neighbours in an old Western town, during the gold rush. The writing is simple, presenting an idyllic time, working with Western tropes of good & evil. The clash – and merging – of cultures is lovely to see. I loved this novella while I was reading it – there are a couple of parallel stories going on inside of it – but it left me a bit cold at the end, unfortunately.


Read or download it for free, here.