Jun 142008

Well, things are winding up as they wind down. One more week of classes, which includes four group projects (one about 80% done, the other three haven’t even been started) and three individual projects. I suppose I know what I’m doing over the rest of this weekend.

Had a job interview, it went fairly well, though they chose someone with more specific experience. My CV is fairly unusual, so people aren’t quite sure what box to slot me into. Which is a strength for my long-term career prospects, but in the short-term, it makes it a bit difficult. Especially as I’m jumping both location and general career path.

There has been a passel of balls and black tie events and interesting stuff… Too much to list, actually. Pembroke had a great black tie event where I was the Sconce master. And drinking and dancing and whatnot.

Sylverster Awards

I was named “Most likely to start a business” by my peers, which was nice.


One of the (cool and interesting) parts of the MBA is our Strategic Consulting Project. This summer, I’ll be working for the MAN Group this summer, working on their communication strategies. It should be pretty interesting. I’ll be working with another technie-CTO type, one of the advisor’s to Canada’s finance minister, and a Princeton grad who’s worked in law doing private equity transactions.

And a photo to see what’s going on with me… (and how lovely England is in the spring/summer… it almost makes up for the winter)


Me and Naa Aku getting ready for dinner on “…one of the most beautiful Quads in the University

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