Oct 182013
New publishing credit: Book of the Dead

I’m thrilled to be included in the almost-published Book of the Dead by Jurassic London. The table of contents includes some of the writers I most respect and admire scribbling words down today – from upstart newcomers like the inimitable Molly Tanzer and co-south Londoner/stand-up guy Den Patrick to heavyweights Jesse Bullington and Gail Carriger, […]

Feb 262013

  …with, perhaps, some lessons for most everything else. I went to the launch of my old dean Colin Mayer’s new book Firm Commitment a few days ago. I’ve just dipped into the book briefly but the associated lecture (and this article) got me thinking. The brief version of the lecture says, in essence, “The […]

Feb 142013
Some fine news for Bethnal Green Ventures

At work we’ve been sitting on some excellent news since before Christmas: Bethnal Green Ventures, our for-profit accelerator programme, is going to be back in 2013, bigger and better than ever. What we’ll be doing, along with our partners the Cabinet Office, Nesta and Nominet Trust, is taking super early stage teams and giving them […]

Jul 262011

Of all the things that amaze me about Burning Man, the thing I’ve always found the most amazing is the breadth and variety of people—where else could you sit around talking about art and culture with a socialist doctor, a libertarian stripper, an atheist with a Master’s in Divinity from Harvard, aid workers who crosses […]

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Mar 012011

Difficulty in opportunity | Opportunity in difficulty There’s an old adage that the skeptic sees difficulty in every opportunity, while the entrepreneurs sees opportunity in every difficulty. Think about it. Imagine it’s 1998. Search sucks. Yahoo’s your best bet. Banner ads and the blink tag run rampant across the Internet. Pets.com has just closed its […]

Mar 012011

Hi both of you who are still reading this, since I apparently let aaaaages pass without an update. Current status: I’ve stopped consulting… and have a job I’ve been working the past few months with the lovely and talented team at Social Innovation Camp around growing the business that they’ve started and bootstrapped over the […]

Sep 062010
London Cycling

There’s (Sorry for being not around—I’ve been very busy with several interesting—but unfortunately confidential—projects. I can say, though, that I’ve been investigating strategies for exploring new business opportunities in developing countries rather a lot) Those of you who know me know me on my bike. I’ve had nice ones, crappy ones, and funky ones. It’s […]

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