Apr 052009

You don’t get to know the rules; deal with it. For most of my academic life, I had some idea of what the grading policy would be for my work-I always lost all the penmanship points, but got most of the rest of them. You could, of course, use this to game the system-you’d get […]

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Apr 012009

The most important lessons are learned, not taught. You can only be taught so much in life, but most of what’s important you’ll have to learn yourself. A lot of people were frustrated in our core Financial Reporting course-the accountants were upset that the course was teaching that their science was all tricks, smoke, and […]

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Apr 012009

What you learn at Oxford’s Business School (The most important parts of which they don’t teach you) In my final set of posts about Oxford, I take a look back, six months out, and reflect on what I learned at Oxford. I suspect that some of this applies to all business schools, though much of […]

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Aug 152008

and in more ways than one! Sorry for the long and slowness on the update. Since coming to London I’ve had… Long hours Long commute Limited Internet access at work (it’s an investment bank…) Super-limited Internet access at “home” (Imagine a 64K ISDN line shared by a 100 unit apartment building with DNS servers powered […]

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Jun 142008
Trinity wind-down

Well, things are winding up as they wind down. One more week of classes, which includes four group projects (one about 80% done, the other three haven’t even been started) and three individual projects. I suppose I know what I’m doing over the rest of this weekend. Had a job interview, it went fairly well, […]

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Mar 122008
Final Hilary days...

I have today finished my Macroeconomics and Technology/Innovation strategy work– except for the TIS exam. I think we did a pretty good job with the analysis of Social Lending (Zopa, Prosper) as an emerging market. It’s a fascinating world which, like any innovation, could be world-changing and could fade away. According to the academic thinking, […]

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Feb 212008
Winning Streak!

Man, oh, man, what a week. First, we left our potato economy in Macroeconomics and invented money. See, to understand a few things, it was easier if we had a single market, a single unit of currency, and a single product of production: Potatoes. Yes, folks, I took out $80,000 in loans to study potatoes. […]

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