Feb 232015

This week has been mad: work’s been mental and, while I published this blog post earlier, my blog got hacked and I stole a couple of hours on Friday morning sorting it out. Argh. So, to repeat the lost bloggage, long story short, below find the shortlist for The Kitschies. I’m going to bring back […]

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Dec 162013
100 word review: The Testimony, by James Smythe

James Smythe writes deep, complex novels which are really rather good. The Testimony – which keeps being cheap or free on Kindle, so watch for it – gives us the perspectives of twenty-eight people when a voice starts to speak, like radio directly into most people’s brains. This affects the world on very macro and […]

Jan 172013
100 word review: The Eye with which the Universe beholds itself (Apollo Quartet II) by Ian Sales

The second in Ian Sales’ Apollo Quartet, four novellas set in a shared universe. The second, like the first, shows meticulous research into Apollo spaceflight, giving us a picture of what might have been had it not died. General Bradley Emerson, the only man to have ever gone to Mars, is now being pulled out […]

Jan 152013
100 word review: Department 19, by Will Hill

Department 19 is the code-name for the UK government’s secret vampire, werewolf, and other monster squad. Mostly focusing on vampires, but these are vampires as you’ve never seen them. This YA book delivers action and blood rather than a love story, and certainly no sparkles. Will Hill rides somewhere between the A-Team, the Bourne Whatever-ity, […]