Jul 222008

I have been reliably informed that I’m waaaaaaaay past due on my blog updates. So.

Leonard Cohen

OK, first of all, I got to see Leonard Cohen, because the giant investment engine I’m working for has a box at the O2.

And there was much rejoicing. Seriously. The man is so humble it’s humbling. And I don’t humble easily. It was an honour and a pleasure and just generally awesome to get a chance to see a living legend on stage. He sounds better in real life, mostly just gets up there and does his job, and gives lots and lots of credit to his peeps.

SCP: Man Group, PLC (the biggest company you’ve never heard of)

At Oxford, part of the MBA is doing a Strategic (or Summer) consulting project. We get in groups of four and try to solve a problem or three for a real live company. We get to see that all the frameworks and theory and best practices go out the window in the fae of reality, and that’s OK.

So there’s this company, the Man Group, which is the world’s largest publicly listed hedge fund. Which it’s not, really, but sort of is. They’re big and growing fast and they need a hand with their organisational design and organisational culture to find and keep what it is about the “stuff” that makes them so successful.

It’s really interesting, and the people are really great. Will it turn into a job? Who knows? Possibly.

This means I get to live in Stratford (not upon Avon), in what is kindly called “Greater London”. I was less-than-enjoying the Tube, but am now commuting by bike to work, which is… exciting, to say the least.

Yes, I’m wearing a helmet. And the wrong-side-of-the-road thing isn’t really that hard… mostly.

And I get to go to Switzerland next week! For about ninety seconds. Carbon footprint: Ho!

Future plans

Just. Don’t. Ask.

Though I all know that you want to know. Or some of you do. Or maybe you do. I don’t know who all reads this thing, but it’s a fair number of people, from all over the world.

I’m applying for jobs all over the world, although I’m treating it less as a numbers game and more applying very specifically to companies and positions that are really intriguing to me. My background is fairly unusual, and I don’t fit very neatly into many boxes, which I think is a strength, but difficult for someone who’s a career and location jumper (and I am finding, on my SCP, some less career-jumping prospects that may make sense for me… we shall see).

And I do continue to consider starting my own business. That would mean, probably, SF, New York, or London, but could happen a number of other places as well. So.

Obligatory (food porn) picture


Glen fails to look coy while drinking British sparkling Rosé

Went to A Taste of London, which was really great. Food porn. Knife porn. (I very nearly spent £100 on a Santoko knife that I could not afford but which cut tomatoes like… like air, really. The butter wouldn’t have sliced that thin). Pig trotters.

Very soon, an update from St. John’s Restaurant. I cannot wait.

all, for now.

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  1. I’ve got you on my Google Reader and LOOOVE hearing the updates! Keep up the great work at MAN and fill me in come September. Boxes are for wimps anyway – you don’t need them! 🙂

  2. I LOVE this food porn photo so much that I used it as my update on Facebook. My favorite part is that lady in the blue shirt simply putting on her shoulder bag…forever captured in time while Glen appears coy with a champagne glass…

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