May 122008

Trinity term is now in full swing (we’re in the fourth of eight weeks!) and it’s taking its toll on all of us. Everyone has said so far that this is where it lightens up– I must disagree. This term’s hit like a ton of bricks. There’s assignment after assignment and it never seems to let up.

Though I guess that’s why we’re here, after all.

The work is really good and interesting. And it seems like it’s all about valuation.

And there’s the looming need for a job up-and-coming.

Ball Season

And it’s Ball season! We had Exeter ball a few weeks ago which was the victim of scheduling — cold (6 centigrade) rain and springtime dresses don’t mix well. Still and all fun, though:


Making friends with the vodka-dealing dragon.


Me ‘n Anne

Much nicer weather (and a better theme and job overall) was had at the Keble Ball. The temp was up 10 degrees C and it was clear. And the ball was just well done.


Does it really look all that different? Except that we’re outside…

Punting for birthdays

Mariah and Noor had birthdays and we had a punting picnic before going off and working our stressed little MBAs off.


Punting Mariah


If Anne and I turned into Brett Easton Ellis characters…


Just came back from four days at the MBATs, where we played a lot of sports. It was a bit of a mixed affair– some serious scheduling snafus but fun overall. I was a bit disappointed to be 30km from Paris but not really get there. And to have so much really terrible food in France. But a cafeteria there is a cafeteria anywhere.

And we broke everyone in Rugby. Badly.


INSEAD says “ouch”… right before going down 5-nil.

Other stuff

I have a job interview! And about a dozen other jobs to apply for. Will update on the interview after it happens (end of the month). It’s crazy because I just physically don’t have the time to get this stuff done. I’ve awoken fully clothed more than once at my desk with my books open in front of me. Assignments galore.

I occasionally have a bit of fun, though…


Prepping for the Wig Bop

Saw Alan Rickman at the Union, along with Gina Carter, who were pretty amazing. Go watch the film Snow Cake. It is good.

Headed out tonight to do anthropological research on cocktails. And gender. In business school. For which I am proud. Proud that I took the class (Customer Insights). Proud that my group chose cocktails to research.

We get to create something new in the world. That’s pretty exciting,when the product category is a cocktail.

That’s about it. I have about a squillion things to do (yeah, I know, moan, moan, complain, you work *so hard* (said in a whiny David Cross sort of voice) but it’s more or less true.

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