Jul 212011

Hello all you patient-to-the-world people.

Yep, I’ve still been kind of crazy busy.

What have I been doing? Managing & running Social Innovation Camp in Edinburgh and helping build teams to develop these six ideas.

All the ideas seem to be moving forward—but I’ll have more details about that in a couple of weeks. There are a few that I think will really help out people.

I also made a visit out to San Francisco and New York, and didn’t get to see enough of you, despite trying to drink all the American microbrews that exist.

Burning Man ticket

I have 2 tickets to this year’s Burn that were given to me. I’m going to give them away. Why? ‘cos you’re going to do something extra-cool on the Playa this year. What are you going to do? You tell me. Coolest thing gets the ticket. In a pair or individually.

(n.b. – “I’ll get to go ‘cos I can’t afford it otherwise” doesn’t count.)

Email glen_mehn@yahoo.com with what cool-arse thing you’re gonna do.

That’s all for now.

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