Oct 102008
200 paintballs, 16 friends, 6 sharks, 5 bits of food porn, 4 days, 3 houses, 2 getting married, 1 flight, too many excellent meals, bottles of wine...

Where I am Tuesday AM I got off the British Airways 747 in Cape Town, South Africa, for Francois and Dorita’s wedding. I immediately ate Biltong, got some Rooibos tea, and drove out to Stellenbosch, where I dropped my bags and packed up for a paintball game. Yes, it is exactly as cheesy and goofy […]

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Sep 132008

Insert standard apologies about general busy-ness and lack of updates. As you’ll see, it’s been rather… well. Final Days The final days are here. Last night we had our final course dinner, at a fancy 17th or 18th century hotel south of Oxford, which was nice. We’ve finished our coursework, still have papers to turn […]

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Jun 142008
Trinity wind-down

Well, things are winding up as they wind down. One more week of classes, which includes four group projects (one about 80% done, the other three haven’t even been started) and three individual projects. I suppose I know what I’m doing over the rest of this weekend. Had a job interview, it went fairly well, […]

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Mar 122008
Final Hilary days...

I have today finished my Macroeconomics and Technology/Innovation strategy work– except for the TIS exam. I think we did a pretty good job with the analysis of Social Lending (Zopa, Prosper) as an emerging market. It’s a fascinating world which, like any innovation, could be world-changing and could fade away. According to the academic thinking, […]

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Feb 102008
Michaelmas term grades, halfway through Hilary, electives, work work work

Michaelmas (first term) grades finally came out. Remember, with these numbers, that grades are different here than in the US. A 50 is a pass, a 60 is a “strong pass”, and a 70 is a “distinction”. Decision Science: 64 Developing Effective Managers: 63 Finance 1: 63 Financial Reporting: 62 Managerial Economics: 59 Strategy 1: […]

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