Apr 012009

What you learn at Oxford’s Business School (The most important parts of which they don’t teach you) In my final set of posts about Oxford, I take a look back, six months out, and reflect on what I learned at Oxford. I suspect that some of this applies to all business schools, though much of […]

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Dec 312008
Obama, Hope, Religion, and African "Can-do" creativity and spirit

Author’s note: This is, necessarily, full of some fairly broad generalisations, but it is going somewhere– the subject matter is really broad, and I’m interested in your thoughts– in the comments. I’ll happily admit when (rather than if) I’m wrong. Without, hopefully, making strong generalizations, (Africa is, after all a continent comprised of 53 countries, […]

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Dec 172008
You are most welcome

On the ground It’s official. I’m here, on the ground, in Kampala, and have been for 2 weeks. I’m enjoying the 25 degree heat and humidity– it’s like New Orleans in April all the time, although it (sometimes) cools down at night. A little. And it’s “real” Africa. This is not South Africa or even […]

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Feb 212008
Winning Streak!

Man, oh, man, what a week. First, we left our potato economy in Macroeconomics and invented money. See, to understand a few things, it was easier if we had a single market, a single unit of currency, and a single product of production: Potatoes. Yes, folks, I took out $80,000 in loans to study potatoes. […]

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