Mar 302012

Well, I’m back.

Sorry for the long times between updates, but things’ve been mad and blogging has been… less of a priority.

My life isn’t fair

I’ve been very lucky in my role with Social Innovation Camp which has in the past year or so, taken me to five countries on two continents, with an occasional trip to the USA.

Currently I’m in Nairobi, Kenya working on the British Council’s Culture Shift. I’ve been in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria recently for the same series of events, all of which are rather exciting, if exhausting.  Photos are on Facebook here.

The talent in these four countries – from design, to development, to business, to creativity- is consistently stunning. Loads of people are concerned about the developing world taking employment from the developed world – I keep thinking the concern should be as to the relevance.

I’ve also become a twitter addict, here.

Looking forward

Clare will be finishing her master’s soon, and moving to London, ending just about 2 years of separate living – we’re both thrilled and stubbornly clinging to our own independence.

I’ve got several trips planned – Aberdeen, for the Brew Dog AGM with my excellent friend James. I’ll be in Egypt in May the final Culture Shift event (for which I am thrilled), followed by having one of my closest ever friends ever come visit for three weeks, putting up with Brixton at night while researching at Kew during the day. There may be a New York trip in mid-May, and I’m unfortunately not going to Kosovo.

During all of this, I’ll be trying to work out exactly what & where the next Social Innovation Camp will be.

And there’s a book launch coming up, featuring a short story by me, about choice. More about that later, but if you’re around London on 4th April, try to come along to the opening.

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